Calculating your price for using LorisQ within your team is extremely simple. It depends only on the number of instruments you keep in your database. For the first 50 instruments you pay a fixed monthly fee of $29.99. For each instrument beyond that, you pay an additional $0.50.

Example: If you have 120 instruments in your database, the price would be 29.99 + (120-50)*0.50 = $64.99 per month.

You can have an unlimited number of team members in your LorisQ team. You can also connect with all of your service providers without any additional cost to you, and at no cost for them. Once you are connected, LorisQ allows your service providers to upload new certificates or reports onto your database instead of you. (However, they will not be able to access any information or data in your database.)


If you are a service provider, providing services such as calibration, qualification, validation, temperature mapping, repair, regular maintenance etc. for other organizations through LorisQ is completely free of charge. After your registration (either by yourself through LorisQ web, or through an e-mail invitation from your client) you can immediately start connecting with your clients and improving your service by uploading new certificates, reports, and data with zero waiting time. They will appreciate the resulting reduced paperwork.

In addition to providing services for your clients through LorisQ, you can also manage your own equipment in the same way and for the same price as any other user (see top of the page).

* Note: Multichannel instruments (e.g. a 12-channel thermometer, 8-channel piston pipette or a multimeter which measures many parameters such as current, voltage and resistance) are counted according to the number of the channels you enable in the app (which means you can track long-term trends for each of the channels independently).