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Our company uses both internal and external services for our equipment maintenance. How does that work in LorisQ?

The uniqueness of LorisQ is that it is not based on helping just single companies, but on building a network of equipment owners and service providers. Among other things that means that there is not any fundamental difference between handling your external and internal services through LorisQ. But it means that a lot of work will be done by your external service providers and you will save a lot of time working on keeping your database up to date.

What kind of activities can be scheduled in LorisQ apart from recurring calibration?

Whatever you do with your equipment, internally or externally, if it’s periodical. That could be qualification, validation, internal check, cleaning, anything.

I use another software solution for managing my equipment, but I would like to switch to LorisQ. How can I transfer my data?

With our wizards it’s easy to enter all your data and upload all your documents and more, but we are also working on a feature to import your data from Excel spreadsheet into LorisQ.