LorisQ Release Notes

VERSION 2.2.4 / April 13th, 2023.

  • MyProfile page was moved from Settings to the Initials menu to make it available to supervisors and technicians.

VERSION 2.2.3 / March 5th, 2023.

  • Deleted instruments can now be restored by managers in the new Instruments tab in Settings. Corresponding QBook notes and History entries will be generated.

VERSION 2.2.2 / February 15th, 2023.

  • New QBook note and notification are generated in case a calibration result was outside the Tolerance Limit before the instrument was adjusted in a single calibration activity. If the calibration result after adjustment is inside the Tolerance Limit, only the QBook note and the notification are generated, but there is no active Warning on the Instrument Card as it is not outside the Tolerance Limit anymore.
  • Mass import of an instruments’ list from Excel has improved handling of special characters and Excel dates.
  • Custom fields have improved handling of special characters (those which are not numbers or letters from the English alphabet).

VERSION 2.2.1 / January 25th, 2023.

  • Custom fields missing history fix.
  • Provider digital signature missing fix.

VERSION 2.2 / April 5th, 2022.

  • When deleting a team member, we added an option to reassign deleted team members activities. Also, all team members will receive a notification when a user is deleted.
  • Maintenance loop droplet activity tables have new search fields to filter the instruments, as well as  new instrument search popup buttons.

VERSION 2.1 / January 31th, 2022.


With this version, each new user will first learn how to use the app through our Visual Onboarding Guide that is started automatically. It can also be restarted later, by clicking on the user’s initials. In only 10 minutes or so the guide covers:

  • how to add coworkers to your team and control their access levels
  • how to add instruments one by one or import them quickly from your Excel sheet
  • how to manage and share all documents and info about your instruments
  • how to manage all maintenance activities, both outsourced and internal
  • how to use advanced features such as Graphs, Trends, History audit trail and many more.

VERSION 2.0 / January 7th, 2022.


Mandatory fields on the instrument card for each of your instruments are still the same (name, manufacturer, model, and unique ID). But now you can create your team’s additional custom fields to personalize the way you kept track of your equipment.


Now you can create trend graphs for any parameter and any instrument in your database. Calibration trends (from real calibration certificates’ data) are still shown separately on the instrument card for 60+ different instrument categories, but now you can add your own trends for everything else.


Importing your entire Excel instrument list in LorisQ instead of entering their data one by one will save you many hours and days of your time. All you have to do after that is set up their recurring activities.


Approving and signing both internal and external certificates and reports now includes a digital signature for every person in your team.


Both in-app and e-mail notifications contain a much more detailed information now. You will see what we mean.


LorisQ settings got a few user-friendly improvements, most importantly – a reorganization of My Clients and My Providers tabs, and redefinition of items on the Activities tab.


Maintenance Loop now has 5 instead of 6 stages. In other words – Maintenance Loop is simplified.

8.OTHER  Internet Explorer is not a supported browser anymore (even Microsoft stopped supporting it, so you should really stop using it). There is myriad of small improvements inside the app. Enjoy them in any of the other browsers which are still supported and still work properly (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera).

VERSION 1.03 / September 2nd, 2020.


New organizations and individual users are now guided through the process of onboarding both inside the app and with e-mail campaign explaining the basics. Each new organization can now choose to have one demo instrument in the database present from the start, with examples of many features which will be available for the user’s real instruments as soon as he enters them in the app.


Settings are now easier to access with their own icon in the top right part of the screen. Visual warning sign is present on the Settings icon until the team manager adds at least one team member, one team tag, one custom activity and one service provider, which are all essential in LorisQ team setup.


Many improvements and clarifications were implemented in the process of adding new instruments, especially regarding the importance of instrument’s category, certificates and recurring activities.

VERSION 1.02 / February 10th, 2020.


Now you can export list of all your instruments, activities and 14-month activity plan in Excel format by clicking on the third icon right from the search line on the dashboard.

VERSION 1.00 / November 22nd, 2019


Billing is incorporated in the settings with full functionality.


The tables in droplets in the Maintenance Loop (and Work Progress for service providers) can now be sorted by any column. The number of rows per page is changed from 5 to 20 for better overview and easier selection of more items at the same time.


LorisQ now works in all the major browsers, and even Internet Explorer. Trends now work even with different units for the same instrument – unit conversion is taken into account if needed. Other bug fixes.

VERSION 0.93 / October 17th, 2019


E-mail notifications now arrive once a day (turn them on in the settings). Checkboxes are added in the app so you can mark notifications you have read.


Some improvements for trend graphs. Bug fixes.

VERSION (beta) 0.9 / September 13th, 2019


We implemented a lot of small changes, such as improved dictionary, to make your use of LorisQ as clear as possible.


In this final stage of testing, just before the soft launch, new organizations can sign up for a free trial by themselves.


This is an exciting new feature that will be fully functional in the next few weeks, although limited functionality is already available. For more information on how the fully functional notifications check pages 3 and 4 of the new Help/Onboarding pdf. But basically, now the app will notify you and your team members on everything that is important. (At this point check the notifications bell in the upper right corner of the app, but in the next few weeks, notifications by e-mail will also be functional.)


You can now connect with your service providers, which means any of the companies and organizations that perform some form of maintenance on your equipment… e.g. calibration, validation, qualification, regular maintenance etc. They can now join LorisQ network and upload and share certificates, reports and notes with you. And if you are service provider, you can connect with ALL of your clients and add value to your service.


You can now finish activities without uploading any certificate or report if you choose so. This can come in handy for planning and executing some more informal activities you must regularly perform, but which do not produce any documents.


We completely redesigned all history tab notes written by LorisQ on individual instruments’ cards and added many new ones for ultimate traceability. History for each of your instruments now includes the information about:

  1. adding, editing and deleting instruments
  2. adding, editing and deleting certificates and reports
  3. adding and deleting manuals
  4. adding, editing, deleting and initiating activities
  5. adding, editing and deleting QBook notes
  6. adding, editing and deleting tolerance limits on trend graphs
  7. turning warnings on and off
  8. completing individual maintenance loop cycles (with all details)
  9. completing individual work progress loops (for service providers)

We also changed the filters for easier browsing through history.

And the best thing is all these changes are implemented for everything you did in LorisQ app from the beginning. Check the histories of your instruments and you will see what we mean.


Separate warning badges are now visible on individual instrument cards if:

  1. you are overdue on some recurring activity (e.g. calibration, validation…)
  2. you defined your recurring activity without the information about the last date it was performed
  3. calibration results are outside your tolerance limits
  4. calibration results are outside 80% of your tolerance limits


The app now sends you e-mails not only as a part of users’ registration process and password changes, but also as a part of connecting (networking) process between clients and service providers. And one of the features that will become available in the next few weeks is also notifications by e-mail.


We have added sort to tables. You can now sort any table by any column. We have also improved the look and pagination.


Sharing of notes between clients and providers is improved.


Categories of instruments (ex-classes, e.g. balances, micrometers, thermometers…) also got dozens of tweaks and improvements, but the most important one is how you choose the category in the process of adding new instrument. The new process minimizes the odds of you choosing the wrong one. This new feature will become available soon.


Now you can choose your date format and if you want to receive e-mail notifications or not. Also, the tabs for connecting with your service providers (or/and clients) are completely redesigned, because you can now connect with them freely, without the need to contact LorisQ team.


Help and About files are added when you click on your initials. File upload size is increased to 50 Mb. We have also made hundreds of other small tweaks and improvements we hope will make your use of LorisQ more enjoyable .

VERSION (beta) 0.8

Welcome to LorisQ – a smart platform that will help you manage your equipment easily.