Frequently asked questions

Whatever you regularly do with your equipment, internally or using external services. That could be qualification, validation, internal check, cleaning, anything. You can define your own activities, customized for your own organization and your own equipment.

Well, everything equipment-related that is important to you, and yet so often gets forgotten. It reminds you about calibration and other maintenance due dates for individual instruments, informs you when a particular report or certificate is ready for your review and signature and even warns you when tolerance limit for some instrument is exceeded.

And now the best thing. Because LorisQ is a network, there will be no more communication delays between organizations – the moment your external calibration provider signs the certificate for your measuring instrument, LorisQ sends you a notification if the tolerance limit you personally set is exceeded. Your provider doesn’t even have to know about your tolerance limit

With our “add instrument wizard” it is simple and easy to enter all your data and upload all your previous certificates, reports and manuals. Benefits will be immediate (for example, you will be able to see trend graphs in LorisQ for your instruments right away). There is also a feature that allows you to import your instrument database from Excel spreadsheet into LorisQ so you won’t have to enter one instrument at a time.

The unique thing about LorisQ is that it is a measuring equipment management tool based not on isolated organizations, but on a cloud network of both equipment owners/users and equipment service providers. That means that there are no essential differences for managing external and internal services. But it also means that a lot of work in keeping your equipment database up-to-date will be done by those external service providers instead of you and it will save a LOT of your time. For example, when your external calibration provider uploads a certificate for your thermometer it will automatically be in your database.

Very easily. You just send them an invitation to register and connect with you from the app settings. They will get an e-mail with a link to register and will be automatically connected with you when they do.

Yes, there is no difference. You can use LorisQ to connect with your clients and share service reports and statuses for any kind of equipment service, whatever you do.

We want these graphs to be both as simple and as useful as possible. Because of that we have to define what is shown for each type of instrument a little bit differently. Currently trend graphs are available for more than 60 categories of measuring instruments. Most of the measuring instruments you use will probably already have trend graphs right now, and their number will increase in the future.

Every service provider (which includes calibration labs, of course) can see only their own results. For example, if you hire calibration lab A in even years, and calibration lab B in odd years, lab A will see trend graph with data points for even years only. Only you as the owner/user of the instrument can see all data points in a trend graph, so that the confidentiality of your records is fully assured.

Correction graphs and calculators are currently available for all kinds of thermometers and (thermo)hygrometers. We consciously decided to start with this feature for temperature and humidity measurement. It is where great improvements in measurement quality can be achieved, because of the temperature and humidity measurement ubiquity and because of the scale of the possible accuracy improvement (because of the large ratio of typical error and typical measurement uncertainty for temperature and humidity measuring instruments). Our data suggests that the accuracy can be more than doubled for more than 50% of thermometers worldwide. Corrections for other categories of instruments will be implemented in the future.

Instrument’s history record in your LorisQ database consists of every change regarding instrument identification, its certificates, reports, manuals, QBook notes, tolerance limits, warnings and all activities related to it. It always includes “who” and “when” for full traceability of events.

No, unless you wish them to be. In general, you can assign your team members the role of manager, supervisor or technician. Manager(s) will be the only ones able to customize LorisQ behaviour for your organization in the app settings (including assigning these roles), supervisors will be able to sign and approve documents in your database (along with managers), and technicians will be able to do everything else (apart from tweaking settings and approving documents).

You can, through your web browser. However, we are also working on a mobile app.

Yes, you can open All instruments list from your dashboard and export them in Excel with all their data and scheduled activities. You will also find a Completed Activities sheet and a sheet with your Activities plan for the next 14 months.