May 8, 2018

Equipment maintenance pain and how LorisQ makes it a pleasure

Having these symptoms and don’t know what to do?


  • Wasting a huge amount of time coordinating maintenance tasks with your team
  • Wasting even more time on coordinating your external (service) providers
  • Deadlines stress you out
  • Not being able to share information among your team in real-time
  • Waiting for your service providers to deliver all the documents you need; and then don’t have the time to review them


We are sorry to let you know, but you have the EMP (Equipment Management Pain)!


Luckily for you, we know more about your pain and what is causing it:

  1. The number of instruments you have. It takes time and planning to keep them periodically calibrated, qualified or serviced.
  2. The number of your colleagues related to that equipment in any way. Your team needs to share real-time information throughout the year so you can avoid rework and time-wasting.
  3. The number of service providers you cooperate with. You need to collaborate with all of them to keep your equipment in order, but telephone calls and e-mails are keeping you away from more important things.



As you can see on the chart above, already with 50+ instruments, 4+ team members and 5+ service providers your EMP level is causing some serious stress.

Before LorisQ, all previous software solutions focused on one thing from your EMP equation, usually regarding your instruments. After you’d buy this software, you’d basically get some gloomy database, more or less customized or configured to suit your needs. But, apart from having the database in your computer, not much has changed. The pain persisted.

To make this pain go away, and to transform that pain into a pleasure, much more is necessary. The equipment maintenance management has to be seen as a dynamic system – a communication platform where things happen in real-time. This is what LorisQ does differently and what makes it stand out from all the other software on the market.


  • It allows you to assign individual recurring maintenance activity (like calibration of an instrument) to one of your team members and then assign a certificate or report approval to another team member.
  • It notifies you whenever a deadline for any recurring maintenance activity draws near.
  • It keeps you and your team informed 24/7 about the ongoing activities performed on your equipment.
  • It allows you to communicate with your providers to help them prepare time slot for you in advance. Unlike other software solutions, it works as a network.
  • It notifies you immediately when a new certificate or report is ready for your approval and you can do it instantly on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.



Basically, you don’t have to think about any stage of the maintenance process anymore. Not about the initiation of yearly calibration of some thermometer, not about review of the requalification report for more sophisticated equipment. Whatever you have to do – LorisQ will notify you and send you all the necessary information and documents as well. If anything unwanted happens, like being late for a deadline, or if calibration data suggests your instrument is out-of-tolerance, even if it’s just dangerously close to out-of-tolerance – LorisQ will give you a warning.

So it’s pretty obvious to anyone how equipment maintenance management dramatically changes with the idea of moving from static database to dynamic network system. And that’s only 10% of what you’ll benefit using LorisQ.

Be sure to sign up for a free trial and get rid of your pain forever. You’ll never feel the same again.

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