About us

LorisQ is built on the belief that managing measuring equipment is still probably not a very nice experience for you, whether you are working in a lab, quality or maintenance. We also believe that there are huge opportunities for you to make better measurements by actually using all those tons of documents about your equipment you exhaustingly collect year after year.


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We believe in those things because we’ve felt your pain. Our story started in an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab where we had the same issues with managing our own measuring equipment. At the same time we were frustrated because our clients couldn’t use calibration data we were selling them to make their measurements more accurate and reliable, despite the fact that data was there.
There were many software or quality system solutions on the market, but people were still unhappy and alone with their problems. Than we had a revelation – we need a breakthrough improvement in communication between instrument owners and service providers. The solution had to be between them, not in them.
We quickly added some cool developers and scientists in the mix and LorisQ was born. As every true innovator, we tested the remedy on ourselves and it worked! It relieved us of our equipment management related suffering and now it’s ready to do the same for you.