About us

We have built a measuring equipment management app that solves ALL of your problems!

LorisQ Team

In LorisQ we know that managing measuring equipment is still not an enjoyable activity, whether you are working in a lab, quality department or maintenance. And it is always distracting. Additionally, there is a huge opportunity to make better measurements by actually using data in certificates and reports that you devotedly collect year after year.

We know this because our story began in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab where we had the same issues with managing our own equipment. At the same time we were frustrated because our clients could not easily use calibration data we gave them on paper or in pdfs. We knew this data could make measurements more reliable and accurate.

There are already many software solutions on the market, but users are still unhappy. Why? It is because these software solutions are focused on databases, and the real problem is actually the daily flow (or lack of it) of new information about your equipment… a) between you and your database, b) between the people in your team, and c) between your team and your service providers (calibration labs, maintenance providers etc.). Think about it. We bet that a majority of your frustrations regarding equipment management come from not getting information when you need it. Or from struggling to get it.

After this revelation we have quickly gathered the best software developers and data scientists and the LorisQ team was born. As every true innovator, we have tested our product on ourselves, and the remedy worked. We relieved ourselves of our equipment management pain and suffering. And now we are ready to do the same for you.